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Your child’s success is our top priority. To achieve this success, we strongly recommend weekly tutoring sessions scheduled for a set day and time. We welcome short-term tutoring support as long as weekly sessions are scheduled during the short-term period.We are proud to let families know that our tutoring team consists of top-notch, experienced, certified educators, most of whom are full time teachers at various schools. Teaching is our profession!

Student Information

I am interested in weekly tutoring sessions for my child for at least the next 2 months.I need short-term tutoring for my child (2 months or less) and will schedule weekly sessions during this period.

Upon registering, sessions should begin within 2 weeks of submitting this registration.


KindergartenFirst gradeSecond gradeThird gradeFourth gradeFifth grade

I'm interested in 1x per week sessions (1 hour/week)I'm interested in 2x per week sessions (2 hours/week)

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Tutoring Policies and Procedures

Your child’s success is our top priority. In order to achieve this success, we strongly recommend scheduling weekly tutoring sessions on a set day and time.We advocate consistency therefore sessions should be scheduled and maintained, regardless of your child’s current assignment load. Sure, cancellations will happen from time to time, but they need to be few and far between. Again, your child’s success is our priority. Consistency is the key! Tutoring sessions run a full hour, but also can be scheduled in advance for a longer duration if needed.Time is important to everyone. Should you need to cancel/reschedule, please contact your our front desk no less than 3 hours of the scheduled session. Missed sessions or cancellations made less than 3 hours prior to the session will be billed (with the exceptions of emergencies, of course!) Should your tutor need to cancel or reschedule, you will be given more than a 3-hour notice, too! I agree to the terms noted above.

The Fine Print - Terms and Conditions

I understand that once a tutoring placement has been made, I am required to submit a $140 deposit before I can schedule tutoring sessions and that tutoring is to begin within 2 calendar weeks from the date of this registration. I understand that if I do not submit the $140 deposit and begin sessions within 2 weeks of my registration, an additional $25 fee may be charged to repeat the placement process as the tutor's availability can no longer be guaranteed. I understand that if I carry a balance of $140 or more, no future sessions can be scheduled with my child’s tutor until payment is made. I also understand that if there is a delay in payment on balances $140 or more, my child’s tutor may not be available for that week. I understand that SLF tutors, both past and present, who have been placed with families through SLF (or have been introduced to new families through SLF) are not allowed to work independently with families outside of the SLF agreement of terms. All tutors have signed a non-compete agreement to uphold this policy.

Your privacy is important to us. SLF will not share, sell or disclose your personal information to third parties. It will only be used to transmit information pertaining to our organization.

I have agreed to submit this application by electronic means. By signing this application electronically, I certify that my answers are correct and complete to the best of my knowledge. I also certify that: I understand the questions and statements on this application. I have read and understood the legal information. I understand that an electronic signature has the same legal effect and can be enforced in the same way as a written signature.

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