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Smart Learning Families Corp.

Established in January 2017, to provide counseling services to Hispanic families with 6 to 12 years old children, considering their individual characteristics and needs. We serve children with special conditions such as ADHD(attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder) and/or other similar challenges, also those who need to reinforce their knowledge and skills in different school subjects.

Our Mission

Allow children and their families an adequate insertion into the social and educational systems. We believe in team work, our interdisciplinary group will guide, coordinate and go along with our clients through the journey, encouraging success with life skills and finding the best scheme of insertion into the social, family and educational environments.

Our Services

Family Counselling?

Interviewing, drafting and development of individualized attention plans, in order to identify each child’s…


Neurofeedback, is a technique based on the automatic recording and analysis of the electrical activity of…

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps children who have difficulties with physical coordination… 

Spanish Classes

Learning a new language is considered an effective method to sharpen the mind and develop cognitive…

Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on reducing or controlling behavior…


Smart Learning Families usesa global methodto stimulate creative writing through experience with a…

Brain Gymnastics

We perform activities aimed at the development of both cerebral hemispheres to achieve a… 

Maths Tutoring

The teaching of mathematics through the development of thought allows a capacity for

Day Camp

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Smart Learning Families Corp.